We are building a new banking alternative in Europe, starting with Spain

Buying and owning a property can be a complex and daunting process, especially for second homeowners and expats. Bueno is re-inventing not only banking but how people manage their second homes, it is Property Banking simplified.

Backing a European banking challenger can become extremely rewarding, learn more about investing

The Bueno approach

Our focus is on under-served niche markets

All of the well-known challenger banks use the freemium model to build their customer base. We believe there is a better way. Bueno targets niche markets where customers are willing to pay for a premium product. We provide financial services and more that solve pain points for our customers. Some neobanks have as few as 10% of their customers on paid plans. Bueno has 100% paying customers with a 4.9 out of 5 Google review score. More than 9 out of 10 customers would recommend Bueno. Compared to Spanish banks with extremely low customers satisfaction scores, Bueno truly stands out.

About us

A Norwegian company with a European focus

Bueno Group AS was founded in November 2020 with a vision to transform banking in Spain. In 2022, we launched as a local banking alternative in Spain, initially in a Beta phase to test the market and build our go-to-market strategy. In 2023, we started focusing on our growth with ambitions to onboard our first few thousand customers.

Our operations are spread throughout Europe

Our UK company manages the daily operations while customer support and sales are managed from Spain, where we have a local team. Our tech team works from Spain and Poland while our Board and advisors are based on Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Just like our customers, we are from diverse European backgrounds. In our first few years our team grew to 10 people. Over the next 3-4 years, we expect to grow our team to over 100 employees.

Spain is only the start, more countries will follow

While our initial focus is on Spain, we have ambitions to grow throughout Europe. We already have plans to expand into France and Portugal but all of Europe, and especially the South of Europe, represent a massive opportunity for us. Longer term we will consider to launch Bueno also outside Europe.

Business segments


In January 2022, Bueno became the first 100% online banking challenger in Spain on the local banking network, Iberpay. In 2023, we started to scale up with a tested and proven business case.


Property insurance was a natural next step for Bueno. We currently have a partnership in Spain with Lovys, a French insurance challenger. We will also consider white label solutions to launch our own brand.


We will offer our customers unique property features to help them have better control while saving time and money. This will further set us apart from both traditional banks and challenger banks.

We create value for our shareholders

Early annual revenue is over €100 per customer, that is 4-5 times more than most challenger banks. We expect to quickly break even, creating security and profit for our shareholders. Supporting Bueno can become extremely rewarding.

A business that will quickly become profitable

With 100% paying customers, Bueno can break even with only few thousand customers in Spain

€100+ in annual revenue per customer is unique

With high customer satisfaction, retention and most of our customers paying for a full year, we will quickly reach significant revenue and cash flow

Over 400% investor returns so far

Our early investors achieved a 400% return in the first 2 years, now the real journey starts

An amazing investemnt opportunity

Based on our customer goals and estimates, early investors could see a 50-100x return in 3-5 years

An experienced team = success

Our team have background from banking, development and sales - we have over a 100 years of combined experience

The Bueno Team

John Hegrenes

CEO / Chairman

Felix Hughes

Chief Growth Officer

Tom Rimestad

COO / Board member

Bjørn Nese


Patryk Szwermer

Lead developer

Bård Fladvad

CCO / Board member

Natascha Retzler-Tavoletta

Board member

Odd Hafid Khalifi

Board member

Pratik Renuse

Growth advisor

Andrew Gilchrist

Fintech advisor