Bueno Group; a Norwegian fintech company with a European focus

Our neobank is the first business to go live. Bueno makes it easy for people to manage their property abroad by combining financial services with innovative solutions and cost savings.

Invest in the future of Fintech, from 50 000 NOK / 5000 EUR

About Bueno

Bueno Group AS aim to provide an ecosystem that solves pain points and simplifies the lives of our core users. Some of the income streams generated by non-banking products will represent substantial opportunities. Bueno will approach future growth with a corporate structure that maximises shareholder returns. We believe that Bueno Group AS has potential for significant further growth beyond our 5 year forecast. Having built a strong financial foundation and reputation we will be in a unique position to expand throughout Europe.

Bueno Investment

Bueno Group AS are launching its seed funding round in March 2021. On average neobanks start with an early valuation of 4+ million euro and with a live business they can be valued anywhere from 10-50 million euro (Revolut started with 50 million). Bueno have set a valuation of 4 million euro, well below the average valuation.

We expect the company to quickly reach a 20-40 euro million valuation, and based on our financial models, 150-250 million euro within 3-5 years. Also keep in mind that you are not only investing in a neobank, we will launch Bueno Insurance and Bueno Stay, our short-term rental platform. Each of these businesses have the potential of becoming multimillion businesses. Bueno Group is considering to get listed in Euronext Growth Oslo or Nasdaq First North Stockholm in 2023, enabling our shareholders to cash in on their investment.

Banking for your property
A unique challenger bank

I started working on creating Bueno as I indentified a huge opportunity in the Spanish banking market, as we developed the project it came clear that we have a business case with a European potential. Most neobanks do very little different to traditional banks, they offer day to day banking, and often with a business model that are not sustainable (fremium banking). In Bueno we focus on adding value beyond banking which mean people will want to pay for our services. This ensures that we not only get satisfied customers, we also create value for our investors and owners.
John A. Hegrenes, founder

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The NEO Bank Market

The NEO banking market had a value of $20.4 billion in 2019. It is growing by close to 50% per year.

Founded in 2015, UK - 13 million customers - $5.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2013, Germany - 7 million customers - $3.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2015, UK - 4 million customers - $1.5 billion valuation

Founded in 2017, Spain - 400 000 customers - $85 million valuation

Founded in 2019, France - recently launched - €32-48 million valuation

Founded in 2019, Spain - 40 000 customer - €15 million valuation (up from €5 million)

Become A Bueno Investor

If you want to learn more about Bueno and our investment opportunity contact us by email contact@getbueno.com - or contact one of our founders, John Hegrenes, directly on LinkedIn. Note that this investment offer is not open to US citizens unless status as an accredited investor. Minimum investment 50 000 NOK (5000 euro).