Bueno Seed Round

01 September, 2021

To launch and scale the Bueno business and brand in Spain the company will raise 2-6 million NOK in fresh capital (200-600 000 euro). The money will be used for office and staff in Spain and to promote Bueno as an alternative to Spanish banks. With IBAN accounts which have the same functionality as Spanish bank accounts Bueno is in a unique position to challenge Spanish banks who charge too much for an outdated product.

Our first funding round was mainly subscribed by smaller investors, for our seed round we are in talks with bigger investors while we also accept retails investors. This current round is a preparation for an A-round in 2022 where we aim to raise 3-5 million euro to grow faster and launch the Bueno insurance brand.

Media Contact

For more information contact us on media@buenogroup.no

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