Bueno Group joins NCE Finance Innovation

4 January, 2021

Bueno Group AS have joined as a member with NCE Finance Innovation, a non-profit Norwegian fintech cluster based in Bergen. NCE Finance Innovation currently holds 80 member companies, including banks, insurance companies, tech companies, entrepreneurs, investors and R&D institutions collaborating on the financial solutions of tomorrow.

The mission of NCE Finance Innovation is to empower a thriving Norwegian Fintech ecosystem by facilitating technological innovation and collaboration within finance and technology. NCE Finance Innovation is a part of the Norwegian Centre of Expertise (NCE) cluster program, supported by the Norwegian Government, Innovation Norway, The Research Council of Norway and SIVA.

For Bueno it is important to be part of the fintech scene in Bergen and Norway, it gives us access to a diverse ecosystem helping us drive innovation. The pooled resources in the cluster enables Bueno to find potential partners and to develop new innovative solutions faster and more efficiently.


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