Bueno partner with HUBUC

19 February, 2021

Being able to issue local IBAN accounts in Spain is critical for smooth bill payments. It should not have been the case as Spain as part of EU should enable free movement of services, including banking. But the reality is that many companies and public offices still will only accept direct debits from Spanish accounts.

HUBUC (B2B Fintech Solutions based in Barcelona) is a new and innovative banking-as-a-service company enabling businesses like Bueno to easily start offering financial services. Hubuc are backed by several well-known investors; SeedRocket 4Founders, Lanai Partners, Reus Capital, and renowned business angels such as Albert Armengol and Jesús Monleón, as well as mentors from BBVA, Santander, and Deloitte.

Bueno expect to launch with Spanish IBANs in March/April 2021. Finally, foreigners who own or rent property in Spain can get access to low-cost innovative banking services.

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